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Wild Cherry bark

Wild Cherry Bark Tincture

Wildcrafted Prunus serotina bark, pure grain alcohol and distilled water.
Anti-spasmodic in bronchial spasms and coughing from chest colds. Sometimes useful for spasms of vocal chords, hiccups andhiatal hernia. Will often alleviate sore throat which won't respond to other treatments. Take 1-3 droppers 3 times a day. Contra: Respiratory or cardiovascular depression, hypotension. 

Wild Cherry Bark Tincture
Ref: Wild cherry 1oz 

Wild Cherry Bark - 1oz

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Ref: Wild cherry 2oz 

Wild Cherry Bark - 2oz

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WIld Cherry Bark - 4oz

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Ref: Wild cherry 8oz 

Wild Cherry Bark - 8oz

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